Thank you for stopping by my website!  I hope you enjoy what I will be sharing here and find it useful. It is still in the early stages, so please come back soon as I will be continuously adding content.

My name is Meg, and I love fundraising!  I will be sharing information with you about all things nonprofit- and fundraising-related.  I hope to discuss things such as trends, best practices, professional development, current news topics, and anything else I think you will find interesting.

I chose the name “Integrity via Philanthropy” for this website because I consider integrity to be one of the most important traits and virtues a person can have.  Integrity is defined as “firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic values.”  In Chinese, it is represented by the symbols for “uprightness” and “honesty,” with “honesty” also meaning “truth” and “sincere.”  I believe that, as fundraisers, we need to be transparent and truthful to our donors about the state of our organizations, what their money is being used for, and what the organization does via its programs.  Similarly, I believe in the importance of donors donating to causes they truly believe in and sincerely support.  While any donations an organization receives is surely appreciated, it benefits the nonprofit and the donor if it is made with good intentions.

Also, please note I signed the pledge to “Blog with Integrity.” As someone who fully supports integrity, I believe in the importance of providing a quality blog to you, my readers, about relevant topics that are respectful, worthwhile, and informative. If you ever feel I am not living up to this pledge, please tell me!