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Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 7

Day #7: Rest, Reflect, and Comment Today is the day for us to catch-up on any assignments we haven’t completed yet and reflect on what the last week has taught us. What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week? What has been your favorite exercise so far? What did you like read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 6

Day #6: Write a Personal Mission Statement Basically, values + values in action = personal mission statement! Rosetta shared this definition she found for what a personal mission statement is: “Your personal mission statement should be a concise representation of what’s most important to you, what you desire to focus on, what you want to read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 5

Day #5: Envision Your Values in Action Today is the day we are putting the values from yesterday’s assignment into a personal mission statement. The first part consists of rating myself from 1 to 10 for each value – how well am I currently living this value in my life? The second part consists of read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 4

Day #4: Identify Your Values Our assignment today is to spend about 15 minutes writing down things that mean a lot to us, then choose our Top 10 values (our “Reset 10,” if you will) which we will use later to write a personal mission statement. Step 1: faith, trust, hope, integrity, family, happiness, friendship, read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 3

Day #3: Write a Love Letter to Your Future Self Using the assessment from yesterday, today we are to think about the areas we want to improve during the #31dayreset. You can do this yourself at www.futureme.org. Here’s the sample letter Rosetta started for us (notice we are supposed to go from like to love read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 2

Day #2: Take an Honest Assessment of Your Life Today we are to assess seven areas of our lives: Lifestyle, Work, Education, Finances, Health, Family, Relationships and then reflect on: What do I like about this area of my life? What do I dislike about it? This is something obviously more personal so I won’t read more »

Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 1

I am a huge, huge fan of Rosetta Thurman. I forget how I came across her blog many moons ago, but I loved how she wrote to young professionals and nonprofiteers. Right up my alley! I was hooked. Since then, I have utilized her other blogs and many resources. This month, I am participating in read more »