Check out my guest post on #fundchat!

If you’re new here, please subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Happy Monday – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am very excited to share that my guest post on the #fundchat blog was posted today! In sticking with my whole “integrity” blog theme, I decided to write about the read more »

Should the Donor Bill of Rights be updated?

A few weeks ago, our department moved to the 2nd floor. My new office is actually the Executive Director’s former office! When cleaning out/unpacking after The Move, I came across the Donor Bill of Rights from AFP. In a nutshell, here is what it says: Donors have the right to: 1. be informed of the read more »

Subscribe to the Integrity via Philanthropy Telegram!

Twitter has once again shown me the amazing “cool things” social media can create. I joined some of my fellow tweeters (like @fundraisinisfun) and created my own daily “newspaper.” If you have a twitter account, you can easily do this via It connects to your followers, “reads” their tweets and links they have posted, read more »

I have a QR code!

I think you agree with me that it seems new technology and social media ventures are released every day. In trying to keep up with everyone else, I recently got myself my own QR code! (Many thanks to Jessica Journey for the idea!) Do you have a QR code? Share a link to it below read more »

FREE Things for Friday! (a day early!)

I love FREE things. If I can’t get something for free, I will hunt down coupons, bargains, or outlets so I can buy it at a discounted price. I have a separate email account dedicated to email coupons and those “discount designer” websites, so I can find out about as many deals as possible. When read more »

I’m on facebook!

Please “like” my blog’s page on facebook if you have not already done so, please?! Click the link below or the “like” button in the facebook box over on the right sidebar. Happy Friday!

The 29 Gifts Challenge: Gift #1

Monday was my best friend’s birthday. She and I have known each other since the first few days of English class in 7th grade – we are now approaching 15 years of memories, laughter and friendship. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the Animal Rescue League of Boston about an upcoming fundraising read more »

The 29 Gifts Challenge

I was killing time at Borders yesterday, and of course went right to the clearance section to scope out what bargains I could find. Few things in life excite me as much as a “steal” of a purchase! You can imagine my excitement when a fundraising-related book was on the shelves! I ran right up read more »

The 21-day Challenge

I am very excited to be one of the bloggers participating in Rosetta Thurman’s “21 Days to a Better Business Blog” with 40 other new bloggers! I will confess I am a little behind due to some personal things going on last week, but I hope to get caught up within the next few days. read more »

Give a donation, not a toaster

I’m sure most of you watched the Royal Wedding live on TV this morning, or at least caught some recaps of it.  I must say, I’m very excited to be experiencing this today. I think it will be one of those moments we can all say, “I remember exactly where I was when that happened!”  read more »