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Twitter has once again shown me the amazing “cool things” social media can create. I joined some of my fellow tweeters (like @fundraisinisfun) and created my own daily “newspaper.” If you have a twitter account, you can easily do this via It connects to your followers, “reads” their tweets and links they have posted, read more »

I have a QR code!

I think you agree with me that it seems new technology and social media ventures are released every day. In trying to keep up with everyone else, I recently got myself my own QR code! (Many thanks to Jessica Journey for the idea!) Do you have a QR code? Share a link to it below read more »

FREE Things for Friday! (a day early!)

I love FREE things. If I can’t get something for free, I will hunt down coupons, bargains, or outlets so I can buy it at a discounted price. I have a separate email account dedicated to email coupons and those “discount designer” websites, so I can find out about as many deals as possible. When read more »

I’m on facebook!

Please “like” my blog’s page on facebook if you have not already done so, please?! Click the link below or the “like” button in the facebook box over on the right sidebar. Happy Friday!