Off Topic: 31 Day Reset – Day 4

Day #4: Identify Your Values
Our assignment today is to spend about 15 minutes writing down things that mean a lot to us, then choose our Top 10 values (our “Reset 10,” if you will) which we will use later to write a personal mission statement.

Step 1:
faith, trust, hope, integrity, family, happiness, friendship, support, inspiration, motivation, professional development, encouragement, recognition, purpose, work/life balance, professionalism, accomplishment, financial security, independence, spontaneity, organization, productivity, compassion, resilience, charity, healthful living, comfort, safety, grace, sympathy, loyal, impactful, mindfulness, respect, trustworthiness, stability, dependence, virtue, wonder, sincerity, harmony, enthusiasm, discovery, dedication, conviction, tolerance, support, dependable, adventure, dignity, bliss…

Step 2:
These are the values I choose to be my “Reset 10”:
1. integrity
2. faith
3. balance
4. mindfulness
5. productivity
6. grace
7. professionalism
8. healthful living
9. relationships (family and friends)
10. dependability

I used to create a visualization of my values:

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    Love the visualization!!!