Should the Donor Bill of Rights be updated?

A few weeks ago, our department moved to the 2nd floor. My new office is actually the Executive Director’s former office! When cleaning out/unpacking after The Move, I came across the Donor Bill of Rights from AFP.

In a nutshell, here is what it says:

Donors have the right to:
1. be informed of the mission and how the organization uses their donations.
2. know and trust the Board.
3. access the organization’s most recent financial statements.
4. be assured their donations will be used as they requested.
5. be acknowledged and recognized.
6. trust their personal info and giving history is safe.
7. have professional interactions with anyone from the organization.
8. know if the solicitors are volunteers, staff, or hired outside solicitors.
9. have their names removed from rent/sell mailing lists.
10. ask questions and receive prompt answers when making donations.

Are there any other “best practices” or policies you think should be included in the Donor Bill of Rights? Do you disagree with any of the current rights listed?