FREE Things for Friday! (a day early!)

I love FREE things. If I can’t get something for free, I will hunt down coupons, bargains, or outlets so I can buy it at a discounted price. I have a separate email account dedicated to email coupons and those “discount designer” websites, so I can find out about as many deals as possible. When I go grocery shopping, I print out my own coupons at home and refuse to buy anything that is not on sale, unless it is absolutely necessary. (This week, my non-sale item splurge was Edy’s coconut pineapple ice cream! Yummm) I have an on-going contest with myself to see how much money I can save on any transaction. You can’t find a better bargain than a 100% discount!

One thing I love about fellow bloggers is that many of them share free resources they have either found or created themselves. I download anything I can find, and will be posting them on my Resources page in the near future. Do you have some FREE things you’d like to share or would like me to post? Reply in the comments below!

In the meantime, check out these free books I just found. They range in date from 1832-1965! They’re in PDF format, so I recommend downloading them onto an ebook reader, like a Kindle or iPad, if you have one: Philanthropy Classics