The 29 Gifts Challenge: Gift #1

Monday was my best friend’s birthday. She and I have known each other since the first few days of English class in 7th grade – we are now approaching 15 years of memories, laughter and friendship. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the Animal Rescue League of Boston about an upcoming fundraising event – a wine tasting to benefit a fund they have which helps pay for animal and veterinary services for people who cannot otherwise afford them. My BFF and I went to the wine tasting last night, along with another one of our BFFs who lives nearby. We had a great time and it gave us an opportunity to catch up on our busy lives. (Of course the wines were delicious, too!)

About halfway through the event, the CEO of ARL got up to thank us for attending and give a brief speech. He told some anecdotes about the animals at the shelter, and shared with us the story about the artwork on the walls – it is from the clients at Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, and is part of their “creative expression” program.

My kitty, Puma, whom I adopted from ARL of Boston

The thing I love about the nonprofit sector is how many clients benefit from the millions of nonprofit organizations. One of my “flaws” is that I can easily get behind any cause – if it helps someone or something, I support it. I do not necessarily have one specific thing I am most passionate about, but animals and victims of any kind are high on my list (if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen this tweet the other day). An event that combines homeless animals and women who may be victims of abuse? I’m there! My friends all know I am involved in nonprofits and, as a job, help others. It was great to have two of my closest friends, whom I love so much, there with me to support a cause I love so much, too.

I was very excited for ARL with the huge turnout of supporters at the wine tasting last night, which also means a lot of funds raised to help people who cannot afford veterinary expenses on their own. By helping ARL, ARL in turn can help other people, who in turn can help their pets! Giving is such a great cycle! It makes my heart dance.

I’m curious to see how this 29 Days of Giving project affects me. I hope to learn more about myself, the significance giving has in my life, and to grow from it somehow, too. Has there been a time when you were involved in a “giving cycle?” What effect did it have on you?