The 29 Gifts Challenge

I was killing time at Borders yesterday, and of course went right to the clearance section to scope out what bargains I could find. Few things in life excite me as much as a “steal” of a purchase! You can imagine my excitement when a fundraising-related book was on the shelves! I ran right up to the registers and purchased 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change your Life. I did some investigating during my lunch break today and discovered it is a whole “challenge” you can sign up to do while you read.  Have any of you participated in this before? Do you have a page on their online community? If so, friend me! My username is “MegHoffman.”

I am going to start the book tonight, and will start day #1 tomorrow. I will post with you while I do this, so I can share the experience with you and what I learn along the way.


  • Jessica

    This is awesome and sounds like a fun learning experience! Thanks for sharing & good luck! :)

    • Meg

      Thank you! I’m excited about it.