Give a donation, not a toaster

I’m sure most of you watched the Royal Wedding live on TV this morning, or at least caught some recaps of it.  I must say, I’m very excited to be experiencing this today. I think it will be one of those moments we can all say, “I remember exactly where I was when that happened!”  (And for many of us Americans, the “where” will probably be “in bed” ha)

Along with this wedding being a huge moment in history, it also represents a new generation of leaders both in England and around the world, as well.  There has been talk throughout their engagement about how Prince William and Kate are very independent, do a lot of things themselves, and lead a very simple lifestyle.  While the idea of living in a palace is still something to daydream about, I love how they want to be “normal” instead of basking the glory of their royal status.

Instead of doing a gift registry and asking for wedding presents (after all, what would you buy the future King and Queen?  Bath towels??) , William and Kate are asking for donations be made via their charitable gift fund to any of the several charities they selected themselves.  There are 21 charities total, and provide support focused on: support for Service personnel and their families, help and care at home, conservation for future generations, changing lives through art and sport, and children fulfilling their potential.  I hope William and Kate’s generous nature and support of charities is another “trend” our generation adopts from them.

Have any of you asked guests to make a donation in lieu of a physical gift, or participated in an event where you were asked to?  I know it is common with funerals/wakes, but what about for a baby shower or wedding?  How successful was it?  Did many people give a donation instead of a gift?

  • Agnes Vishnevkin

    For my 30th birthday party I encouraged friends to bring nonperishable food items for a local food pantry. Several people brought food donations and a few people brought gifts. It was a good experience and an opportunity to think about those in need on a day that would have been all about me.

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